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Lista över forskningsresultat från DiPiS

Publicerade vetenskapliga arbeten från DiPiS-studien


Genetic and perinatal factors as risk for childhood type 1 diabetes.
K. Larsson, H. Elding-Larsson, E. Cedervall, K.Kockum, J. Neiderud, S. Sjöblad, B. Lindberg, B. Lernmark, C. Cilio, S.A. Ivarsson, Å. Lernmark.
Diabetes Metabolic Research and Review 20(6): 429-37, 2004. 

Parent responses to participation in genetic screening for diabetes risk.
B. Lernmark, H. Elding Larsson, G. Hansson, B. Lindberg, K. Lynch, S. Sjöblad.
Pediatric Diabetes 5: 174-181, 2004.

Diabetes-associated HLA genotypes affect birthweight in the general population.
H. E. Larsson, K. Lynch, B. Lernmark, A. Nilsson, G. Hansson, P. Almgren, Å. Lernmark, S-A. Ivarsson, DiPiS Study Group.
Diabetologia 48:1484-1491, 2005.

Cord blood islet autoantibodies are related to stress in the mother during pregnancy.
B. Lernmark, K. Lynch, Å. Lernmark and the DiPiS Study Group.
Annals of New York Academy of Sciences 1079:345-9, Oct 2006.

Evidence for immunological priming and increased frequency of CD4+ CD25+ cord blood T cells in children born to mothers with type 1 diabetes.
Holm BC, Svensson J, Akesson C, Arvastsson J, Ljungberg J, Lynch K, Ivarsson SA, Lernmark A, Cilio CM; Diabetes Prediction Study in Skåne (DiPiS).
Clinical & Experimental Immunology 146(3):493-502, Dec 2006

Relationship between increased relative birthweight and infections during pregnancy in children with a high-risk diabetes HLA genotype.
Larsson HE, Lynch K, Lernmark B, Hansson G, Lernmark A, Ivarsson SA.
Diabetologia 50(6):1161-9, Jun 2007

Cord blood islet autoantibodies and seasonal association with the type 1 diabetes high-risk genotype.
Lynch KF, Lernmark B, Merlo J, Cilio CM, Ivarsson SA, Lernmark A; Diabetes Prediction in Skåne (DiPiS) Study Group.
Journal of Perinatology 28(3):211-7, Mar 2008

Children developing type 1 diabetes before 6 years of age have increased linear growth independent of HLA genotypes.
Larsson HE, Hansson G, Carlsson A, Cederwall E, Jonsson B, Jönsson B, Larsson K, Lynch K, Neiderud J, Lernmark A, Ivarsson SA; DiPiS Study Group.
Diabetologia 51(9):1623-30, Sep 2008

The type 1 diabetes protective HLA DQB1*0602 allele is less frequent in gestational diabetes mellitus.
Papadopoulou A, Lynch KF, Shaat N, Nilsson A, Lernmark B, Berntorp K, Ivarsson SA, Agardh CD, Lernmark A; DiPiS Study Group.
Diabetologia 52(7):1339-42, Jul 2009

Seroconversion to islet autoantibodies between early pregnancy and delivery in non-diabetic mothers.
Lindehammer SR, Hansson I, Midberg B, Ivarsson SA, Lynch KF, Dillner J, Lernmark A; Diabetes Prediction in Skåne (DiPiS) Study Group.
Journal of Reproductive Immunology 88(1):72-9, Jan 2011

Gestational diabetes mellitus is associated with TCF7L2 gene polymorphisms independent of HLA-DQB1*0602 genotypes and islet cell autoantibodies.
Papadopoulou A, Lynch KF, Shaat N, Håkansson R, Ivarsson SA, Berntorp K, Agardh CD, Lernmark Å; DiPiS Study Group.
Diabetic Medicine 28(9):1018-27, Sep 2011

Early-pregnancy cytokines in mothers to children developing multiple, persistent islet autoantibodies, type 1 diabetes, or both before 7 years of age.
Lindehammer SR, Fex M, Maziarz M, Hanson I, Maršál K, Lernmark A; Diabetes Prediction in Skåne (DiPiS) Study Group.
American Journal of Reproductive Immunology 66(6):495-503, Dec 2011

Seroconversion to islet autoantibodies after enterovirus infection in early pregnancy.
Lindehammer SR, Honkanen H, Nix AW, Oikarinen M, Lynch KF, Jönsson I, Marsal K, Oberste S, Hyöty H, Lernmark Å.
Viral Immunology 25(4):254–261, Aug 2012

Decline in titers of anti-idiotypic antibodies specific to autoantibodies to GAD65 (GAD65Ab) precedes development of GAD65Ab and type 1 diabetes.
Larsson HE, Jönsson I, Lernmark A, Ivarsson S, Radtke JR, Hampe CS; Diabetes Prediction in Skåne (DiPiS); Type 1 Diabetes Trial Network.
PLoS One 8(6):e65173, Jun 2013

Decreased Cord-Blood Phospholipids in Young Age-at-Onset Type 1 Diabetes.
La Torre D, Seppänen-Laakso T, Larsson HE, Hyötyläinen T, Ivarsson SA, Lernmark A, Oresic M; DiPiS Study Group.
Diabetes 62(11):3951-6, Nov 2013

Reduced morbidity at diagnosis and improved glycemic control in children previously enrolled in DiPiS follow-up.
Lundgren M, Sahlin Å, Svensson C, Carlsson A, Cedervall E, Jönsson B, Jönsson I, Larsson K, Lernmark Å, Neiderud J, Vigård T, Elding Larsson H; DiPiS study group.
Pediatric Diabetes 15(7):494-501, Nov 2014

Cord blood insulinoma-associated protein 2 autoantibodies are associated with increased risk of type 1 diabetes in the population-based Diabetes Prediction in Skåne study.
Lundgren M, Lynch K, Larsson C, Elding Larsson H; DiPiS study group.
Diabetologia 58(1):75-8, Jan 2015

Maternal smoking during pregnancy and offspring type 1 diabetes mellitus risk: accounting for HLA haplotype.
Mattsson K, Jönsson I, Malmqvist E, Larsson HE, Rylander L. European Journal of Epidemiology 30(3):231-8, Mar 2015

Are Perinatal Events Risk Factors for Childhood Thyroid Autoimmunity?.
Jonsdottir B, Lundgren M, Wallengren S, Lernmark Å, Jönsson I, Elding Larsson H; DiPiS study group. European Thyroid Journal 6(6):298-306, Nov 2017

First trimester enterovirus IgM and beta cell autoantibodies in mothers to children affected by type 1 diabetes autoimmunity before 7 years of age.
Lind A, Lynch KF, Lundgren M, Lernmark Å, Almgren P, Ramelius A, Puustinen L, Hyöty H, Lundstig A. Journal of Reproductive Immunology 127:1-6, Jun 2018

Influence of early-life parental severe life events on the risk of type 1 diabetes in children: the DiPiS study.
Lundgren M, Ellström K, Elding Larsson H; DiPiS Study Group. Acta Diabetologica 55:797–804, Maj 2018

Effect of screening for type 1 diabetes on early metabolic control: the DiPiS study.
Lundgren M, Jonsdottir B, Elding Larsson H. Diabetologia 34:1–5, Aug 2018

Modeling Disease Progression Trajectories from Longitudinal Observational Data.
Kwon B C, Achenbach P, Dunne J L, Hagopian W, Lundgren M, Ng K, Veijola R, Frohnert B I, Anand V, T1DI Study Group. AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings Archive 2020:668-676, Jan 2021

Predicting Type 1 Diabetes Onset using Novel Survival Analysis with Biomarker Ontology.
Li Y, Liu B, Anand V, Dunne J L, Lundgren M, Ng K, Rewers M, Veijola R, Ghalwash M, T1DI Study Group. AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings Archive 2020:727-736, Jan 2021

DPVis: Visual Analytics With Hidden Markov Models for Disease Progression Pathways.
Kwon B C, Anand V, Severson K A, Ghosh S, Sun Z, Frohnert B I, Lundgren M, Ng K. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 27(9): 3685-3700, Sept 2021

Islet Autoimmunity and HLA Markers of Presymptomatic and Clinical Type 1 Diabetes: Joint Analyses of Prospective Cohort Studies in Finland, Germany, Sweden, and the U.S.
Anand V, Li Y, Liu B, Ghalwash M, Koski E, Ng K, Dunne J L, Jönsson J, Winkler C, Knip M, Toppari J, Ilonen J, Killian M B, Frohnert B I, Lundgren M, Ziegler A G, Hagopian W, Veijola R, Rewers M, T1DI Study Group. Diabetes Care 44 (10): 2269–2276, Okt 2021

Islet Autoantibody Type-Specific Titer Thresholds Improve Stratification of Risk of Progression to Type 1 Diabetes in Children.
Ng K, Stavropoulos H, Anand V, Veijola R, Toppari J, Maziarz M, Lundgren M, Waugh K, Frohnert B I, Martin F, Hagopian W, Achenbach P, T1DI Study Group. Diabetes Care 45(1):160–168, Jan 2022

Imputing Longitudinal Growth Data in International Pediatric Studies: Does CDC Reference Suffice? 
Li Z, Toppari J, Lundgren M, Frohnert B I, Achenbach P, Veijola R, Anand V, T1DI study group. AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings Archive 2021:754-762, Feb 2022

Progression of type 1 diabetes from latency to symptomatic disease is predicted by distinct autoimmune trajectories.
Kwon B C, Anand V, Achenbach P, Dunne J L, Hagopian W, Hu J, Koski E, Lernmark Å, Lundgren M, Ng K, Toppari J, Veijola R, Frohnert B I, T1DI Study Group. Nature Communications 13: 1514, Mar 2022

Childhood Height Growth Rate Association With the Risk of Islet Autoimmunity and Development of Type 1 Diabetes.
Li Z, Veijola R, Koski E, Anand V, Martin F, Waugh K, Hyöty H, Winkler C, Killian M B, Lundgren M, Ng K, Maziarz M, Toppari J. Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism 107(6): 1520–1528, Jun 2022

Two-age islet-autoantibody screening for childhood type 1 diabetes: a prospective cohort study.
Ghalwash M, Dunne J L, Lundgren M, Rewers M, Ziegler A G, Anand V, Toppari J, Veijola R, Hagopian W, T1DI Study Group. Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology 10: 589–96, Jul 2022